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Now it’s easy to create an invisible perimeter fence without a physical fence (buried line sensor). Our system operates seismic sensors that when placed underground, create an invisible perimeter fence around the secured area – one that is impossible to dig under or jump over. InvisiFence is an intrusion detection early warning system featuring adaptive self-learning algorithms with exceptionally high recognition level of diverse threats. It can distinguish between various threats above or below ground – footsteps, moving vehicles, digging and more – whenever fluctuations occur even before the intrusion takes place. The system recognizes small animals and birds below 30 kg, leading to a minimal false alarm rate (FAR). InvisiFence provides a most reliable layer of extra of protection to small and large sites alike.

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Power plants

Communication sites

Prisons and detention facilities

Border protection

Unequaled extra later of perimeter protection

Highest probability of detection

Self-learning algorithms feature a high level of threat recognition, making the system most reliable with a nearly no false alarms.

Type of threat classification

The system identifies and classifies the event according to type of threat, such as car and footsteps.

Per threat adjustability

The system adapts to environmental noises with adjustable per threat sensitivity threshold for each set of 3 sensors.

Worry-free benefits

Maintenance-free automation

Automatically calibrates to environmental noises and runs self tests (BIT).

Weather-proof protection

Offers 365/24/7 protection under all weather conditions, unlike other buried technologies.

Independent or integrated

Works alone or integrated with diverse applications, such as alarm or video systems.

Battery or solar energy

Consumes very little energy and operates on batteries or a small solar panel.


Blends into the environment and prevents sabotage due to its covert nature.

Easy to deploy and operate

Ideal for local integrators, as a buried line sensor, the InvisiFence is especially easy to install and maintain. It comprises seismic sensors strings which are connected to local processing units (6 sensors are connected to each processing unit). The processing units are installed in spacing of approx. 40m (130feet), and all of the processing units along the perimeter are connected to a central hub unit via a single cable with a standard RS485 bus. A hub is required every 500m (1,640feet). InvisiFence can work standalone or as part of a long perimeter network whereby the hubs are connected together to create a continuous perimeter.

Outperformance that’s second to none

InvisiFence offers a most reliable extra layer of perimeter protection with inherent advantages.

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